"I had an unique opportunity on Thursday, travelling with Jenni Lewis and mates, Brad & Paige to pick up Jenni's horse from Rhiannon Park in Shepp where we met Blanche and Dean who run RP...we were able to see first hand the work, the breeding program and amazing and unexpected beauty of a Mare in foal as she was ultra-sounded...and in the paddocks...50!... foals and Mums...including a beautiful and joyful story of a Mare and a Foal, joined through each of their loss...heart-warming...what it is all about...and the human role in this, the care and knowing... What an example again of the human and animal collaboration & partnership. Thanks so much Blanche & Dean for your time....there was so much to experience...the whole of the property and feel of it...there's a synergy I felt that resonated...the Cat 'shepherd's' we met and it was explained that, they are present at the birth of foals...now, that was truly special and to meet the Cats...thanks heaps again"
January 5th, 2014

April/May 2014:

  Teaching weaning to have confidence and be led by us, this is the fun bit, making friends. Foals/weanlings are taught to lead and tie up with Mum present this hopefully reduces the stress on foals when we have to take mothers away, they will no longer see us as a threat. The first day may take the longest, but it is well worth being patient and taking your time with this step, it will pay off in the long run when you have a baby that wants to work with you and not against you.