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Sydney APG Sale 28th Feb 2015

LOT 363 Irish Luck NZ-Big Jim filly

Well grown, strong type.

Has a lovely temperament always willing to please.

Really nice maternal family, something to breed from later.

LOT 289 Zenolas Gift  NZ- Art Major filly

Well balanced type, nice head and a good attitude.

Not to big, looks like an early 2yr old.

LOT 291 Alashell-Mach Three filly

Well grown and conformed filly,

Strong and athletic.

Easy going nature,

who likes her work and food.

Premier Trotting Sale Melton 8th March 2015

Gladys Emanuel-Armbro Variable colt

Lots of get up and go with this fella.

Well conformed, strong type.

Mother raced very well, this is her first foal.

April/May 2014:

  Teaching weaning to have confidence and be led by us, this is the fun bit, making friends. Foals/weanlings are taught to lead and tie up with Mum present this hopefully reduces the stress on foals when we have to take mothers away, they will no longer see us as a threat. The first day may take the longest, but it is well worth being patient and taking your time with this step, it will pay off in the long run when you have a baby that wants to work with you and not against you.