Autumn APG, March 16th

Lot 418, Devillsh Girl / Major in Art

Well conformed balanced filly, laid back attitude with a willing nature. This filly has a lot to like and would be well worth looking at on sale day.

Lot 422, Fay Christian / Major in Art

Very athletic type. Has lots of get up and go. He has a good appetite and has done really well during his preparation for sale. Looks like he will go early, so take a punt and bid on this guy.

Lot 431, Kateeshar / Courage Under Fire

Lovely, long barrelled colt, nicely put together from a good family. He has 2 year old written all over him. He has plenty of personality and a real willingness to learn. Shadow Play brother already showing plenty of promise and has grown into a really imposing type.

Lot 446, One Night / Mc Ardle

Really well grown strong filly. She has an awesome laid back attitude, which should hold her in good stead during her training. She is from a really nice family that should help later on as a breeding proposition.


Lot 448 Our Suicide Blonde NZ/Courage Under Fire

Nice long barrelled filly, with good conformation. She has a good nature and an awesome appetite. She would be an asset to any training stable. She is a real pleasure to have around and nothing has been a drama for her.


Lot 473, Youcansaythatagain / Four Starzzz Shark

Take a look at this lovely mature looking filly, there is lots to like here with her. She is strong with good conformation. She would fit in well with any racing stable and seems ready to go on with now.

Lot 481, Catchadream / Artistic Fella

We really like this filly, she has good conformation and has grown out well. She has lots of get up and go and will need a patient hand but I’m sure this will turn onto a quick turn of foot when racing. First to see this filly will want to buy. Nice family will also be a selling point for later on in the breeding barn.

Australasian Trotting Sale, 24th March

Lot 12, Pocket Fantasy /Great Success Filly

Well grown filly, with good conformation. This filly loves her work and always has somewhere to be. On the walking machine she always has her nose on the front gate wanting to go faster. Take your time with this filly and you will be well rewarded.


Lot 212, Speedy Naomi / Great Success Colt

This colt is a well balance athletic type. He has a lovely attitude and a real willingness to learn. I like this colt as he is a real pleasure to be around. He eats well and has bloomed during his preparation. Come and see this boy you won’t be disappointed.


April/May 2014:

  Teaching weaning to have confidence and be led by us, this is the fun bit, making friends. Foals/weanlings are taught to lead and tie up with Mum present this hopefully reduces the stress on foals when we have to take mothers away, they will no longer see us as a threat. The first day may take the longest, but it is well worth being patient and taking your time with this step, it will pay off in the long run when you have a baby that wants to work with you and not against you.